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Wood cable reel production

Included in the numerous products we make in wood, we also produce and trade in wood reels.
Based in Cinisello Balsamo, a large industrial centre in the Milan hinterland, we at the Boffi company, boast many years of experience operating in the packaging sector.  We are a well established industrial business specialising in the production and sales of reels in:
• wood
• plywood
• special reels (iron, glued)
and we also take back and repair used reels.

What is a reel?

In technical jargon, a reel is a tool made up of central cylinder with two discs at both ends.  Reels can come in a range of sizes depending on the use for which they are needed and can be used for winding:

• cables
• fibre optics
• ropes and metal strips
• wires
as well as many other articles.
The discs placed at the ends serve to block the wound product and by means of a simple rotating movement, you can unwind the required length.

High resistance reels

Boffi is well known for its mass production of cable reels in wood, an organic material with special structural properties which can be worked with ease and boasts long term resistance.
Increased commitment to respect the environment together with the activities linked to the recycling of this noble material, have resulted in the growing demand for components and equipment made in wood both on the private market and on the architectural and industrial markets.
Thanks to the many years of experience our company has built up during its ten years of being in the business of treating, working and trading in timber has led to our using woods with the most suitable features to manufacture high quality reels.