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Production of crates, cages and pallets

Crates, cages and pallets are wooden products made with the objective to protect against knocks, damage and knocks during transportation and are the very best solutions for moving goods on long haul journeys.
The Boffi company based in Cinisello Balsamo, in the Province of Milan, has for many years been operating in the production of crates, cages and pallets for logistics, packaging and transportation operations.


Wooden crates are made with materials such as pinewood or other highly resistant woods and can be fitted with:
• hinges
• bolts
• special closures
and they can also be personalised with fire resistant paints, OSB panelling and phenolic glued multi layer.
Wooden crates are widely used in sea, air and land (truck and rail) transportation.
Ideal for overland, sea and air transportation, they can be produced wholly in wood with OSB panelling and phenolic glued multi layer.


Cages are generally made in pinewood and are structured in such way as to protect the materials contained inside and have slot openings for speeding up goods loading and unloading operations.
Certified in compliance with the laws in force, they are suitable for air, sea and overland transportation.
In order to provide even more protection for the materials contained inside, we can also fit them with cushioning or barrier bag and dessicant both with dehydrating salts and vacuum packaged in cardboard or in polythene with anticorrosive VCI.


Pallets are structures used for lifting the goods and storing them in the warehouse and are horizontally structured with holes for handling by mechanical transpallets.
They can be made in wood or plastic depending on the loads to be transported.
Boffi is a leader in the packaging sector and only delivers top quality solutions which are certified and resistant.
For any more details concerning our production or for more information on packaging, please do not hesitate to contact us.