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Pellets for heating

Pellets are a novelty in the domestic heating sector and consist of a pressed wood shavings and sawdust cylinder used as a combustible for stoves and fireplaces.

An affordable and ecological material

The advantages of using these stem from their:
• optimum yield
• clean combustion
• scarcity of polluting emissions
• neutral CO2.

Pellets are now widely used in our country thanks to the experience of companies who keep up with the times, such as Boffi.
The Boffi company based in Cinisello Balsamo, in the Province of Milan, has been operating in the woodworking sector for many year producing reels for winding cables and packaging crates, cages and pallets for the transportation and storage of goods as well as focusing on pellets for domestic heating.

A material which boasts a low impact on the environment

One of the main advantages of using heating pellets at home is their low environmental impact. The combustion of the wood and consequent emission of carbon dioxide is not damaging as it corresponds with the same amount absorbed by the tree during its lifecycle.
Furthermore, as it is a natural element, it does not produce the same amount of pollution as gas or methane and is, therefore, considered to be an excellent alternative.
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